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Roving snow vehicles bring fresh-made snacks to skiers


No end in sight to the Twitter-powered food trucks! After featuring several examples of such tech-fueled curbside cuisine in recent years — including LA’s Kogi Korean BBQ and Coolhaus — we recently learned of a brand-new example on California’s Mammoth Mountain. Dubbed the Roving Mammoth, the new service brings snacks both savory and sweet to assuage the hunger of on-slope skiers. Launched in December, Roving Mammoth’s two state-of-the-art snowcats have each been equipped with a small kitchen on the back, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, enabling them to deliver refreshments to ski runs with limited restaurant availability. One vehicle features burritos, while the other features fresh-baked calzones; either way, churros and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks are also available. As with several of the previous efforts we’ve seen, the snowcats’ whereabouts are trackable via Twitter. If consumers are accustomed to artfully crafted food whenever the mood hits them on the streets of LA, why shouldn’t they expect the same on the slopes — or wherever they happen to be? And why shouldn’t some enterprising soul like you be ready to deliver it? (Related: Balloon-enabled pizza picnic deliveryPicnics on the slopes.) Spotted by: R. Steinberg



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