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Mobile app for optimal restroom breaks during movies


Two years ago, we covered a few mobile services that help users find the nearest public restroom. Focusing instead on when to go, RunPee is a web-based service and soon-to-be mobile app that maps out loo-break moments for popular movies. Users can choose from an extensive list of movies currently in theatres, and a few classics like Aliens and Star Wars. A time graph of the film indicates when it’s safe to disappear for a minute or two. The website lists a cue line to listen for, and the approximate amount of time before something important happens. For those who want to find out what they missed, a box of scrambled text can be clicked on to reveal what was missed. The site will also note if there’s a scene after the credits, so movie-goers don’t run out of the cinema before the film is actually over. Anyone can contribute suggested break times to the listed films, which as they say, makes RunPee a Wiki-pee-dia of sorts. (Sorry…) An iPhone application is currently awaiting approval from Apple, meaning weak-bladdered users will soon be able to check in from the theatre. Which is, of course, where the concept shines. One for drinks manufacturers to sponsor, encouraging sales of 48-ounce colas? Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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