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Chatvisor allows audio chat, video chat and screen recordings of customer behaviour | Photo source mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

SaaS platform merges co-browsing with chatbots

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By combining chatbots with one-click screen-sharing and session recordings, Chatvisor aims to help companies learn how to improve their web experience

Spotted: Austrian customer engagement company Chatvisor has developed a platform that adds co-browsing to the chatbot experience.

Chatvisor’s platform does not require customers or agents to download any additional software. With one click, the customer can share its web session with support employees, who can then provide targeted assistance, and even control the customer’s mouse. 

At the same time, sensitive data can be masked automatically. In addition to the co-browser,  the platform allows audio chat, video chat and screen recordings of customer behaviour on the website, which can help businesses better understand where users get stuck and what can be done to optimise future experiences.

Chatvisor has already been adopted by major clients, such as BMW, been admitted into the tech2b incubator and received two rounds of financing from public funds. More recently, the company received a six-figure investment from venture capital firm eQventure.

The startup’s goal is to allow customer service reps to solve problems more efficiently, saving money on support and increasing customer satisfaction. 



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