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Centurion 3

Safety garment heats up in cold water

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A Scottish entrepreneur unveils a warmth-generating safety garment to save lives

Spotted: Scottish startup Iron Ocean has unveiled a three-layer upper body garment that heats up in cold water. Known as the Centurion 3, it was designed by Iron Ocean. Heriot-Watt University constructed a prototype. The self-heating material creates warmth above the average body temperature when submerged in cold water.

In a traditional survival suit, a person can last between 10 to 12 minutes in the North Sea. This garment can maintain warmth for an hour, potentially saving lives. It is also slash and fire-resistant, enabling it to withstand harsh conditions.

The material is worn underneath traditional water survival suits. It was designed specifically for offshore workers in the North Sea, according to Iron Ocean founder Simon Lamont. He was inspired to create the suit following a helicopter crash in the North Sea that killed 14 offshore oil workers and two crew members.

The project was funded by Iron Ocean and the UK’s Oil & Gas Innovation Centre in Aberdeen. It is unclear when it will be available commercially.



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