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Design-your-own emergency tattoos for kids

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Temporary tattoos can be an effective way to help protect children with a tendency to wander off, and Tottoos — which we covered back in 2007 — is one example of a company that offers them. Recently one of our spotters alerted us to Baltimore-based SafetyTat, however, which not only sells such tattoos but even lets consumers design their own. SafetyTat’s new TatBuilder allows customers to choose from more than 100,000 possible combinations of styles in their SafetyTat tattoo. Background and border colours are among the variables they can control, as are the message text and accompanying icon. Two lines are available for contact information on each tattoo. Pricing for a package of 24 tattoos is USD 19.95. Any sign yet that consumers are tiring of having it their own way? We sure haven’t seen it. Keep the design-your-own innovations coming! (Related: Design your own custom-made beef jerkyDesign your own pet foodDesign your own swim shortsDesign your own jeans, custom-made for $145.) Spotted by: Raymond Kollau



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