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New online tryvertising platform for Indian consumers

Advertising & Marketing

Only two weeks ago we reported the imminent opening of the first European Sample Central store in Budapest. We’re now seeing tryvertising harnessed within the digital realm by the new Indian based platform Sample&Try, which aims to assist consumers in towns and cities across India with decisionmaking before they purchase a product. Manufacturers provide Sample&Try with product samples which are then displayed on the platform and can be requested free of charge by consumers. Orders are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis, given that the platform has a limited number of samples. Products can be sampled from the following four categories: Food & Beverages, Health Care, Personal Care and Home Care. Once a product has been trialled customers can then provide feedback (though this is not obligatory) — such as a written review — and order new samples. There’s no secret that tryvertising is a compelling method of generating word of mouth around a product, while producing genuinely useful feedback for brands. The latest iteration in the form of online tryvertising may prove to be a less enticing proposition for consumers than a physical store filled with freebies. However, if they can be persuaded to participate, then the rewards will nonetheless be ripe for both brands and consumers.



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