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A tryvertising lab for San Diego

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Asian consumers who like to try before they buy can already do so at product-sampling centers such as Sampleplaza, Club C and Sample Lab. Hard on the heels of Sample Lab’s announcement that it’s expanding globally, a like-minded contender is now gearing up to open across the world. Sample U is housed on the San Diego campus of Alliant International University through a joint effort with the institution to offer new market research opportunities. Alliant is providing the facility and staff—professors and students among them—while Sample U is focusing on securing clients, working with product developers on product packages or campaigns, and bringing in consumers. A variety of products will be tested at Sample U, and consumers interested in sampling them will first be asked to fill out detailed profiles for demographic information; eventually, interested consumers will be given memberships at the lab, Sample U says. Following a session at Sample U, which includes completing a survey about the tested products, testers will also be given some to take home and discuss with friends. Sample U already opened briefly to test its concept, but had to close early due to overwhelming demand, it says. It will launch officially in June. Mass-media advertising may have had its day, but now it’s a rare consumer who wouldn’t rather try the product out themselves. From Shanghai to San Diego and everyplace in between, the world is filled with trysumers eager for some tryvertising. How about obliging them in your neck of the woods…?



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