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Recycling bottles

Sand from recycled beer bottles helps to save local beaches


New Zealand company created beer bottle crushing machines that turn empties into a safe sand substitute usable in any industry.

Two-thirds of the world’s beaches are retreating due to the many industries, from construction and electronic components to pharmaceuticals, that depend on sand for their products. In New Zealand, 60,000 tons of glass are sent to landfill every year. Now, DB Breweries is using its DB Export beer bottle sand machines to create a viable substitute for naturally occurring sand.

In just five seconds, the beer bottle sand machines crush an empty beer bottle, remove dust particles and the label to produce 200 grams of usable sand. Suitable for use in bars and restaurants, the machines have a large clear glass front that allows people to see the immediate result of their recycling. DB Breweries is working with creative agency Colenso BBDO on the campaign following their previous successful partnership in creating clean biofuel from brewing waste products.

Brewers are finding a variety of ways to work more sustainably, from using rainwater to brew to turning production waste into edible six pack rings designed to prevent harm to sea creatures. How could different initiatives be combined to create a fully sustainable, no-impact brewing process?



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