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Swedish hotels serve healthy meals for kids, courtesy of Jamie Oliver

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British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has already put children’s nutrition in the spotlight with his School Dinners documentaries and Feed Me Better campaign. Now, through a partnership with Swedish Scandic Hotels, he’s bringing his philosophy right to the table for travellers with children. The three-year partnership will focus on a different target group each year, beginning with children. Specifically, starting this summer, kids will be able to try out completely new children’s menus at all 150 of Scandic’s hotels. Many traditional meals will be revamped; other, new ones will also be introduced, featuring natural preparations and organic ingredients. Kids will begin by choosing their food from a photo-based menu designed specifically with them in mind, according to Fashtastic. They’ll also be able to assemble their own salad. Entrees will include spaghetti and meatballs, while dessert will feature ice cream “Smushins”—something Oliver apparently invented as kid—including vanilla ice cream with healthy toppings like fresh fruit and berries, “smushed” together with a spatula by the kids themselves. What’s the best way to impress a parent? Take good care of their kids. A concept to emulate throughout the hospitality industry! (Related: Happy healthy mealsMore meal prep & cooking instruction, this time by Jamie Oliver.) Spotted by: Robert Olzon



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