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Scannable pyjamas contain bedtime stories

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Smart PJ's aim to make bedtime more engaging by enabling kids to scan its patterns to unlock new stories.

Most parents will know just how difficult it is to get their kids to bed at the right time, especially if work life means they don’t have much time to relax at home. While Japan has offered the Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse – a toy with a lulling mechanism that mimics slow breathing – our latest spotting is Smart PJ’s, pyjamas that make bedtime more engaging by enabling kids to scan the garment’s patterns to unlock new stories. Developed by Idaho-based realtor Juan Murdoch, the all-in-one pyjamas are covered with unique dot patterns that act similarly to QR codes – when scanned using the tie-in app, one of 47 stories or lessons is brought up on the smartphone or tablet. While traditional storytelling has been a staple of children’s pre-bedtime ritual, many are now growing up with more attention-grabbing devices. By pairing new technology with bedtime clothes, Smart PJ’s makes preparing to sleep an engaging activity for today’s kids. Murdoch is a father of six and it’s easy to see how this kind of development can ease some pressure on parents, especially those with busy lives. Although the digital stories can be a joint reading venture for kids and parents, it is possible for children to entertain themselves with the Smart PJ’s, especially as the stories come with optional narration through the app. The video below offers a demonstration of the clothes: Available for both boys and girls, Smart PJ’s retail for USD 25 each, while the app is free. How else can devices relieve the stress of parenting – without becoming an obstacle between important parent-child bonds? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel


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