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Air filter scarf | Photo source Karen Cantú Q on Unsplash

Scarf protects wearers from getting the flu

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In Sweden, an air filter company is weaving their technology into garments to keep people healthy.

We have written about a number of hi-tech wearables designed to protect the users health and comfort. Amongst them, this shirt that uses vibrations to encourage good posture in the person wearing it, and this robotic jacket that mimics plant behaviour, adapting to environmental changes that regulate body temperature. Now, a Swedish manufacturer, Ultramare, has come up with an idea to create a scarf that protects wearers from airborne flu germs.

Ultramare’s core business is producing purifying air filters for hospitals. The company decided to partner with creative agency, Milk, to promote a scarf that includes their hospital filter technology, to help prevent wearers contracting flu in the winter months. Users wrap the scarf around their face, covering their nose and mouth for protection. The simple black scarves are chic and elegant, certainly a lot more appealing than the white paper surgical masks that people commonly wear in China, Japan and other polluted East Asian countries.

The change from clinical looking air pollution accessories to more stylish ones indicates an uncomfortable reality: air quality has worsened to such an extent that we need to begin protecting our health at all times. Although this is an advertising campaign, we see great potential for fashion products that support health and wellbeing. Will we see more stylish products designed to protect us from poor air quality in urban areas?




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