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Air pollution filter | Photo source Alex Presa on Unsplash

Scarf with built in air pollution protection

Health & Wellbeing

A new scarf from the US provides protection against air pollution, allergies and cold and flu.

Air pollution poses large environmental and health risks around the world. At Springwise we have featured many innovations that aim to tackle the issue of air pollution. One example is a smart tire that reduces urban air pollution by using moss and onboard electronics. Another innovation is an air filter for baby strollers. Now, Bioscarf is a new scarf that incorporates an air filter into its design. It offers a fashionable and comfortable alternative to existing air pollution and energy masks.

According to the company, Bioscarf can filter an average of 99.75 percent of all airborne particulates, protecting the wearer from a number of airborne contaminates that can harm health and trigger allergies.  These include pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis, strep, pollen and smoke. The scarf is around seven feet long and wearers can adjust and tighten it as needed. It is made from polyester and is available in white, black, green and a camouflage print.

Furthermore, the company has created a ‘Bioscarf Plus One Program’. This scheme means that for every scarf sold, the company will donate a scarf to people around the world who live in environments with poor air quality. Co-founder Hazel Solle, said: “It’s time to not only raise awareness about this issue, but to more importantly give many of the people at risk who don’t have the means to protect themselves something to help them combat air pollution on a daily basis.”



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