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Scion X goes nationwide in the US

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Scion -- the first car made specifically for Generation Y -- is bringing in young male buyers, 80 percent of whom haven't owned a Toyota before.

Spotted more than a year ago in a Tokyo showroom, and now going nationwide in the US, after a partial roll-out in the Californian market: the Toyota Scion XB (aka the ‘boombox on wheels’, ‘the first car for Gen Y’, ‘the customized car’, or ‘the car that IS the destination’). Want some numbers? Since June 2003, 7,690 Scions have been sold, with sales increasing by about 200 each month. Scion dealers only have a nine-day supply of the cars right now. The xA is outselling the Mini Cooper in California, while the xB is outselling Toyota’s own RAV4 sport-utility in the Golden State. The average Scion buyer adds USD 1,200 in accessories — from special wheels and bold graphic elements to red shift knobs and louder stereos — right at the dealership. That’s three times what an average Toyota buyer adds. The average age of Scion buyers is 35, well below the industry average of 46, and Toyota’s average buyer age of 47. And most important: Scion is bringing in young male buyers, 80 percent of whom haven’t owned a Toyota before. (Source: Mercury News). More at, who may be on to something (that something being Generation X and Y). But what about Europe? South America?

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