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3D display | Photo source FunkyFocus on Pixabay

Screen protector turns any smartphone into a 3D viewing device

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Smartphone owners can have a full immersive experience anywhere

Spotted: A soon-to-be released screen protector turns any smartphone into a 3D viewing device. The Holoscreen, created by US-based startup Lucid and China-based Holitech, looks and acts like a regular phone protector. It is transparent and fits on most smartphone models. When paired with the Lucid app, however, the screen protector allows you to view 3D films with full effects. It also makes 2D pictures and video appear to pop out of the phone’s display. No 3D glasses or viewers are needed.

The app makes the effects possible. It runs on Lucid’s own software and technology. The technology, known as 3D Fusion, uses machine learning and data to mimic how the human eye processes information.

The app allows you to use your phone’s cameras to film in 3D as well. The function only works if your phone has two rear cameras, like the iPhone 7 Plus, however. The 3D function does not work when the app is not in use, so it won’t distort your emails or text messages.

The protector will retail for around €27 and will be available starting in the summer of 2019.



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