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Sears Christmas Club card rewards shoppers for saving


In a bid to coax consumers into spending more at the store this Christmas, retail giant Sears is encouraging them to save first, using their Christmas Club card. Instead of functioning like a credit card (as many store cards do) the Sears card allows users to add value beforehand—just like paying money into a bank account. Providing they do this before November 14, members of the scheme who join before October 31 will be entitled to a handsome reward of 3% extra to spend in Sears, Kmart and associated stores. Compare that with current interest rates on checking and savings accounts and the attraction is obvious. The scheme—inspired by old-fashioned Christmas clubs at banks and credit unions—could provide an incentive to save (and shop) for now credit-shy Americans, as they begin to emerge from the worst of the financial crisis. For the retailer, the Christmas Club system will guarantee them a share of the Christmas market in advance. (Related: Layaway is back.) Spotted by: Judy McRae



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