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Vacation homes, rented and traded with Facebook friends

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Vacation rentals require a certain degree of trust, which is why it makes sense for house-swapping services like Creative Caravan to target their offerings at consumers who work in the same industry. Aiming to capitalize instead on the trust shared among Facebook friends, Second Porch is a Facebook app that lets users list and rent vacation homes through the popular social network. Using Second Porch, Facebook members can list vacation properties for rent or trade and control whether their ad is visible to everyone on the network, or just their friends. Listing a home is free, and those looking for a place can search by map, location, amenities, price or relationship. Not only are they able to see the “face behind the place,” as Second Porch puts it, but they can also view detailed descriptions and photos along with comments from past guests. In addition, they can “follow” properties they like and see the recommendations of friends anywhere in the world. Currently there are some 600 listings on the site. Though using Second Porch is currently free, the company plans to introduce a paid service for USD 99 per year that gives owners additional ways to promote their listings, according to a report in TechCrunch. What other kinds of transactions could be improved through a little directed “friendsourcing”…? Spotted by: Ruben Feith



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