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Security-focused USB key enables users to delete data remotely

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UK-based ExactTrak offers a secure and trackable USB key that lets users delete their data remotely when necessary.

A full 65 percent of recorded data losses involve mobile data on laptops and non-secure USB memory devices, which are all too prone to theft and loss. That’s according to UK-based ExactTrak, which offers a secure and trackable USB key that even lets users delete their data remotely, if necessary. ExactTrak’s Security Guardian is a secure USB device that encrypts and tracks the user’s mobile data. Integrated GPS and GSM modules are designed to give users complete control of where and how their mobile data is used. Available with storage capacities from 16GB to 250GB, the SIM-agnostic device comes equipped with an internal battery along with remote “over the air” update facility, according to the company. Perhaps best of all is that in the event the device is lost or stolen, users can delete their data without an internet connection and regardless of whether the device is currently connected to a computer. The Security Guardian is currently aimed primarily at compliance-minded corporate and government users, in particular. How else could additional features improve security on the wealth of mobile products in use everyday? Spotted by: Gabriella Piergianni



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