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eDOR smart security

Security system incorporates smart technology to protect home deliveries

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A modular security system allows smart security to integrate into any home, whether urban or rural.

Spotted: Smart homes are becoming commonplace in urban environments, with 16 percent of the US population alone owning some form of smart tech. Now a smart security system could provide a smart solution to domestic parcel delivery thefts.

eDOR describes itself as a smart door delivery and security system. The system works in three parts: eDOR, eBOX, and eTETHR. eDOR has the appearance of a regular door. The simple design offers 24/7 automated delivery pickups via its smart security system. Its two-way camera and keyless entry system allow delivery workers to deposit packages without a homeowner present. The second product, eBOX, takes the system one step further, with expanding modules that allow for larger parcels to be deposited safely and locked away from potential thefts. Finally, eTETHR is a digital version of the first two products, ideal for use on temporary or smaller domiciles. Sensors and alarms detect packages and monitor their position until the homeowner returns.

Both eDOR and eBOX connect to a mobile app so that the user can track and update the status of their parcels on the go from anywhere in the world. All three systems are customisable and modular, and so can adapt to suit any sort of property. The patents are currently pending, but they expect to be in production during 2019.

Many more innovations have sprung up around the sector of smart homes, from IoT air ventilation that adapts to current conditions to intelligent systems that learn from the domestic users.



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