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Connecting owners and renters of solar-friendly rooftops

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Solar power is not quite as straightforward in the United States as it is in many other countries, largely because there is no countrywide policy on solar encouragement. Nonetheless, rooftops and other sunny spaces remain a desirable asset for utility companies and independent power producers, and that’s where Seglet comes in. The California-based site aims to connect property owners with commercial and individual users interested in renting or profit-sharing rooftops and other property segments. Property owners begin by listing their roof or open land for free; Seglet automatically adds solar radiation and other details. Energy companies, independent power producers, energy consultants, investors, urban agriculturalists and others in need of sunny, open space can then browse through Seglet when they need a location for a new project. Along with each listing, they can easily see the site’s solar radiation, wind speed and wind direction, and meteorological data. Seglet keeps owners’ contact information private by default, but prospective renters can gain access to specific owners through Seglet’s internal system by purchasing credit packages through the site. Membership packages range from a basic one including 400 credits for USD 44 to a premium version including 8,000 credits for USD 499. Given the virtual certainty of the solar industry’s critical role in the coming years, it seems hard to imagine any risk or downside in helping to facilitate the process. Sellsumers and others with underutilized rooftops and land, meanwhile, will surely jump at the chance for a little extra income. Food for thought, particularly in sun-splashed regions near you. (Related: Using Google maps to calculate homes’ solar potentialBroker creates local groups for collective solar purchasing.) Spotted by: Dayna Burtness



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