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Self-assembled workspaces

Self-assembled pod provides privacy in open-plan offices

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The insular pods are soundproof, have ventilation and are fitted with power sockets.

Since the 1990s, there has been a dominant trend of big businesses investing in open-plan offices to accommodate as many staff members as possible. In addition to the space, some thought the setup could encourage employee collaboration or improve office socialising. The turn of the 21st century saw a demand for more modern workspaces kitted out with the latest technology. Springwise has spotted multiple innovations looking to revolutionise the office hitting the market in the past. A smart desk that adapts to the needs of its users is one example, while customisable cubicles are helping the workplace evolve.

The desire for privacy in the office is high and the creators at startup ROOM might just have the answer. Their ROOM One innovation may look like a phone booth, but its self-assembly design is ideal for an open office. The booth is soundproofed, ventilated and even has a power supply. It is constructed from 60 percent recycled plastic bottles and has been adopted by big companies, including Buzzfeed and Headspace.

Its creators say two people can build ROOM One in 30 minutes using just one tool. The 10ft2 space also has an overhead LED light, built-in table, and magnetic door. Such features create an ell-compassing space that no sounds can come in or out of. This ensures the utmost privacy for important calls, or simply provides a quiet space to work for when a deadline is looming. The booths cost USD 3,495 apiece and are available in the US and Germany.



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