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A place to preserve and share mementos online

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Consumers may be able to store their digitized memories along with their DNA at high-security Swiss DNA Bank, but UK-based Sentemental now offers a somewhat more accessible approach to preserving life’s most treasured moments. Through Sentemental, consumers can upload all the kids’ drawings, Christmas cards, photographs, personal notes and other mementos they’ve collected over the years for preservation and sharing online. Users of Sentemental begin by signing up with the site and uploading whatever materials they want to preserve; any they can’t digitize themselves can be sent to Sentemental, which will do it for them. Uploaded materials are then kept safe in a private area of the site that’s easily accessible to the user. Materials can also be shared with friends and posted via Facebook and Twitter. It is free to set up an account and share materials via Sentemental, while scanning services begin at GBP 9.99 for up to 50 items. Today’s ‘transumers’ are increasingly averse to ownership in general, so why not help them divest themselves of all those dusty, paper-based souvenirs once and for all? One to partner with or emulate locally! (Related: For parents, a life caching service targeting young childrenVoice mail to voice quilt.) Spotted by: Allan Brown



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