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Sephora was an early adopter of chatbot technology | Photo source Sephora

Sephora adopts a Kik bot to talk prom with Gen Z

Fashion & Beauty

A French beauty store introduced its chatbot on messenger service Kik to engage with teenagers over beauty regimens for prom

Spotted: Sephora was an early adopter of chatbot technology in 2017. The company hoped to deliver an immersive retail experience that inspired shoppers to interact, learn and play through chat. Sephora’s chatbot technology not only heightened the in-store experience for shoppers by allowing users to find any product, but it also allowed users to share product reviews and ratings on-the-go. 

However, Sephora sought to develop a deeper personalised experience that would give teens a reason to stay engaged. The Kik messaging platform allowed the company to share prom-specific content, including makeup tips, style inspiration, and custom video content.

To boast engagement, Sephora broadcast a Facebook Live video of Helen Phillips, the Sephora Collection social influencer, promoting a prom makeup tutorial in real-time on the Kik bot platform. Using sweepstakes, it encouraged subscribers to submit questions they wanted answered through the chatbot ahead of time and also provided push notifications to remind users to tune in. Sephora’s custom prom bot experience helped to drive ongoing engagement on Kik, as well as viewership of the Facebook Live broadcast.



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