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UK scheme turns old cars into new trees

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Scrap Car Plant Tree hopes to encourage owners of old cars to donate the vehicle in order to raise money for creating new green areas in UK cities.

Green schemes have been a regular on our pages for many years, but it’s rare that we come across an initiative that uses a traditional polluter as a force for environmental good. This is exactly what Scrap Car Plant Tree hopes to do though by encouraging owners of old cars to donate the vehicle in order to raise money for the creation of new green spaces in UK cities. Automobiles contribute a large portion of the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere each year, and with this in mind, the scheme enables car owners whose vehicles have come to the end of their life to donate them to the Trees for Cities charity. Those who want to donate can fill out a form on the Scrap Car Plant Tree website, giving details about the car and arranging a pick up time. Once completed, the scheme aims to tow cars within one to three days, after which they will be taken to a scrap yard or put up for auction if still roadworthy. The funds will go to helping plant new trees in the UK. According to the organization, the average car donation will provide Trees for Cities with GBP 100 to improve urban environments. Scrap Car Plant Trees aims to remove the hassle of disposing of an old car while simultaneously putting the money towards a good cause. How else could vehicles’ carbon footprints be minimized through similar schemes? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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