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Sharing concert set lists by wiki

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Although grabbing the set list from a favourite band’s gig is like nabbing a trophy, not everyone can get their hands on that sweaty and smudged piece of paper. Which is why was launched, a free wiki-site that allows users to upload and browse concert set lists. The process is easy: users sign up, select an artist from the site’s extensive database (or add in someone up-and-coming), input a venue, and then list the songs the artist played during that particular show. They’re encouraged to add whatever they remember, relying on ‘crowd memory’ to fix errors and add missing songs. Once saved, a list is added to an archive of an artist’s performances that also includes ‘most played’ statistics and links to live videos. Each user is given a personal page of the set lists they added or edited, as well as their comments and concert attendance statistics. Helping promote the site, a widget is popular on music websites, and is also available for Facebook pages. Its pseudo-handwritten ink-on-paper format combines a sense of authenticity with the convenience of a digital database. Launched in September 2008,’s current database consists mainly of recent concerts, although there’s nothing to stop enthusiasts from listing shows dating back to Bruce Springsteen’s glory days. Developed in tiny Liechtenstein (first time we’ve covered a Liechtenstein business), ad-supported has potential, thanks to its niche focus, savvy execution and reliance on user participation. (Related: Video dictionary with a wiki touch.) Spotted by: Lea



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