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During 'Barter Week,' Italian B&Bs accept swaps as payments

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Whether hotels are upscale, no-frills or even pay-what-you-want, currency is generally the way room rates are paid. Not so at thousands of Italian bed and breakfast establishments next week, however, when guests will be encouraged to use barter instead. Marking the second annual Settimana del Baratto, or Barter Week, run by the Italian Bed and Breakfast Association, Nov. 15 through 21 will give cash-strapped consumers a chance to enjoy time away from home without breaking the bank. Last year’s event was apparently a wildly successful one — some 12,000 fans registered to participate on Facebook, the group says. In fact, some B&B members of the organization continue to offer barter arrangements throughout the year as a result, it notes. Last year, the most commonly made payment arrangements were reportedly accommodation swaps, live music performances and website translations. The Great Recession may have officially ended, but that doesn’t mean boom times for most consumers by any means. How can your brand offer them a little sympvertising — and financial breathing room…? (Related: A layaway option for buying festival ticketsHotel asks consumers to sell it their furniture.) Spotted by: Francesca Allievi



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