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Shipping containers serve as movie theaters at New Zealand festival

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Converted shipping containers are now being used to showcase Kiwi film and culture as part of the REAL New Zealand Festival's 'New Zealand on Screen'.

If converted shipping containers can be used to promote Singaporean cuisine, then why not Kiwi film and culture? That, indeed, is just the premise behind New Zealand on Screen, a part of the REAL New Zealand Festival that’s now running alongside the Rugby World Cup 2011. Not just one but two eye-catching shipping containers are involved, in fact — situated on the Auckland and Wellington waterfronts — and they’re offering visitors a chance to get a taste of New Zealand culture via its efforts on the silver screen. Running up to October 23, iconic Kiwi films, TV and music videos are being showcased in the containers thanks to the new effort, which is a collaboration between NZ On Screen, production company Storybox and design and brand agency Chrometoaster. Also on offer are a state-of-the-art interactive video wall and an iPad app that lets visitors take a photo of themselves and insert it in a classic New Zealand film or TV scene. In the evenings, short films and other screen moments can be seen on a video tower atop the containers. Meanwhile, a “retro Kiwi caravan” serving as a mini-cinema is bringing the New Zealand On Screen experience to New Zealand’s South Island. Is there any limit to the potential applications of the humble shipping container? We’re thinking not. Brands and tourism councils around the globe: think videos, think movies, think other engaging content, and be inspired! Spotted by: Louisa Redshaw



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