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Stylish shirt doesn't need washing or ironing for 100 days

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Wool & Prince has developed a smart shirt that doesn't crease or smell even after 100 days of wear.

ULTRA has already offered women a modular 10-piece wardrobe that aims to last them the whole year, but what about men? Wool & Prince has embarked on a mission to develop a smart shirt that doesn’t crease or smell even after 100 days of wear. The company wanted to create the shirt equivalent to a pair of jeans – a piece of clothing that can be worn multiple times before it gets too dirty or wrinkled. Rather than develop a new alternative to regular cotton, the startup takes advantage of the natural qualities of fine merino wool, which isn’t as coarse and scratchy as the wool used in jumpers. The thread isn’t prone to breaking, wicks sweat away from the skin and retains its shape when crumpled. After developing a prototype – based on the woollen heavy duty shirts manufactured by his father’s company Pendleton – Wool & Prince gave their fashionable button-down shirts to 15 volunteers, who wore them while clubbing in New York City and travelling in the Andes. Founder Mac Bishop also wore a version of the shirt for 100 days without washing or ironing to demonstrate its resilient properties. After launching its Kickstarter target of USD 30,000, Wool & Prince recently completed funding at over USD 300,000. The video below explains more about the project: Wool & Prince shirts were available to pre-order for USD 98, coming in four different styles, and the company hopes to produce more in the future for those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. The shirt could encourage consumers to cut back on the materials involved in regular washing, as well as buying new clothes as often, thanks to its durable properties. How else can clothes be modified to offer convenience alongside environmental benefits? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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