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Digital makeup mirror enables virtual tryvertising


If augmented reality can be used to reveal the buildings of the future, then why not someone’s face as it would look if a particular kind of makeup were applied? Such, indeed, is precisely the idea behind a new digital makeup mirror now being used by Shiseido in Japan. Launched last month at the Takashimaya department store in Tokyo, the Digital Cosmetic Mirror lets store patrons test makeup and recommendations without actually applying anything to their skin, according to Japan Trends. Customers begin by allowing the mirror’s camera to scan their face, generating a set of customised recommendations. Using the device’s touch-screen interface, they can then ask to see specific types of makeup on their face, and the mirror paints those products on virtually and in real time. Different colours and formats can be applied and removed with the touch of a button, and consumers can print out ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of the looks they like best. Also included on the printout, as one might expect, is product purchase information. A video on YouTube demonstrates the mirror in action. In addition to enabling virtual tryvertising without the expense of real samples, the Digital Cosmetic Mirror also promises to dramatically reduce much of the waste associated with traditional sampling approaches, as Japan Trends points out. How long before this one spreads to makeup counters around the globe? (Related: Tryvertising store expands in Spain.) Spotted by: Jenny Lau



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