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Handpicked shoes by monthly subscription


Hard on the heels—so to speak—of our story about Hipstery comes news of a like-minded contender in the world of shoes. Where Hipstery relieves consumers of the burden of choice and picks its t-shirts for them, ShoeDazzle does much the same for shoes, but on a recurring, monthly basis. Users of Los Angeles-based ShoeDazzle begin by taking a fashion survey, the results of which are used to guide the company’s personalized shoe selections. Each month, ShoeDazzle’s personal stylists then send the user an email with five new shoe choices, handpicked to suit her personality and fashion preferences. The user simply logs into the site to select the pair she wants, and it gets shipped out for free. Monthly membership costs USD 39, which covers the shoes and shipping. Members can skip a month’s selections, in which case they won’t be charged; they can also return or exchange shoes they don’t like. ShoeDazzle currently ships only within the United States and Canada, but it’s a safe bet that fashion-minded consumers in other parts of the world would also appreciate some monthly shopping guidance, for shoes, clothes or accessories. (Related: Clothes swapping meets NetflixT-shirt subscription based on news stories.) Spotted by: Judy McRae



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