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Platform recommends footwear based on previous favorites

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Finding a running shoe that fits perfectly can often be a time consuming task. All the more frustrating, then, when that favorite pair of shoes eventually wears out, particularly since 40 percent of the time, shoe sizes are not equivalent across different brands and models. Hoping to ease the burden of having to find replacements for worn shoes that have now been discontinued, Shoefitr recommends footwear based on the style and fit of an owner’s most recent running shoes. Shoe shoppers begin using Shoefitr by entering the brand of shoe they previously owned, as well that shoe’s model. If the user doesn’t know the exact model name, they can either enter the product code, or simply specify which color the shoe was. Shoefitr will then display a selection of possible models from which the user can select their old shoe model. Having done so, they then enter the size of their old shoe, as well as the width specification (where possible). Lastly, the shopper enters the make and model of a shoe they were thinking of buying. Using a database of information gathered by scanning the inside of each shoe individually, Shoefitr is able to accurately determine the shape and size of a consumer’s foot from their old, well-fitting shoe model. It is then able to generate a 3D image of the shoe the user was considering buying, recommending a size, and displaying where the shoe will fit tightly and loosely. Currently the service is already available at Running Warehouse, but having recently won the award for “Startup most likely to be acquired in the next 100 days” at Launch Conference, it surely won’t be long until it’s use becomes more widespread. One to partner with?



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