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Shoes help women drive more safely, while remaining stylish

Mobility & Transport

Spain-based Nubhes has created a feminine shoe designed specifically for driving.

While the Japanese Honda Fit She’s is an example of automotive firms targeting the female market through aesthetic appeal, we haven’t seen many car-related products that combine style with functionality. However, Spain-based Nubhes has created a feminine shoe that is designed specifically to help women drive with ease. Many women often change from high heels to a flat pair of shoes when they get behind the wheel, only to change again once they stop driving. However, the extra set of shoes aren’t usually designed with driving in mind. The startup has used “extensive biomechanical research” to create its Nubhes shoes, which are flexible and feature an anti-slip sole to keep feet on the pedal. The shoes have a firm fit, but don’t use laces or Velcro so they can be slipped on and off easily. They are supple so that the pedal can be better felt through the shoe, enabling drivers to be more responsive to the vehicle. They also feature reflective material on the front in case wearers need to exit their car at night. Nubhes hopes to make driving a more comfortable and safe experience for women and are hoping to offer a practical and stylish shoe to save women having to carry extra pairs around with them. Are there other traditionally male-oriented industries that could cater for the female market? Spotted by: Wences Garcia



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