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Shopping livestreams | Photo source Pixabay

Shopping platform livestreams events online


A new company is riding the wave of the growth in livestreamed home shopping in China.

At Springwise, we have seen an increase in online shopping, with innovations such as an AR shopping app and a platform that gamifies shopping. Furthermore, millions of people tune in to home shopping TV networks every year to do their shopping. These networks use hosts and time-limited offers to create a dynamic atmosphere that generates big sales. A new service is now offering to do the same for in-store shopping.

ShopShops creates videos that take place in retail stores. Rather than TV, ShopShops livestreams its events online. Customers can replay the videos later and order the items if they are still available. The platform creates events when stores are closed, and is popular with Chinese viewers who get the experience of shopping ‘in’ American stores.

Since its launch, ShopShops has generated, on average, around 8,000 USD worth of revenue per streamed show. Although it sells luxury goods, it specialises in brands and retailers that otherwise might not have access to its Chinese customer base. This includes vintage markets and boutiques with no e-commerce presence of their own. So far, the platform has worked with around 150 partners, and has streamed around 2,000 live events from US stores to customers in China. Chinese micro-influencers host the streams. After the show, orders are shipped to ShopShops, who repackage and distribute the purchases to customers in China. ShopShops takes a commission of between 15 and 20 percent on each sale.




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