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Shopping by invitation only


It appears there are no limits on consumers’ desire for exclusivity, and Claseo is making the most of that trend with an invitation-only line of clothing. Launched earlier this year, Claseo bills itself as the world’s first closed shopping community, where purchases can be made on the site only by those who have been invited. Each member of Claseo is given a limited number of invitations to share with friends, who must enter an invitation code and make a purchase in order to become members themselves. Once they’ve done that, they gain access to Claseo’s fashion label and an online lifestyle portal; the inviting member, meanwhile, is credited with a EUR 10 discount on their next purchase. All Claseo items are emblazoned with a unique, visible identification code. Not only does that code allow members to recognize one another in a crowd, but it also enables them to learn more about each other. By entering the code seen on another member’s shirt on Claseo’s website (or mobile site), a user can learn that person’s name. Members can connect through Claseo’s online portal, which features profiles, messaging and photo galleries, as well as exchange information and tips on a variety of fashion and lifestyle topics. Claseo also picks up on the customer-made trend by inviting members to submit design suggestions and vote on new collection ideas, thereby helping to shape the brand and its products; those whose design ideas are adopted get a share in the profits. The site’s product line so far includes just its summer collection of polo shirts, but dress shirts, rugby shirts and dinner jackets are on the way. Claseo is currently also forging partnership arrangements with leading clubs and fashion stores around the world for extended member benefits, beginning with Munich’s P1 Lounge & Club. We’ve written about shopping-oriented social networks before, but Claseo’s combination of exclusivity and customer input take the concept to a whole new level. If Claseo can charge EUR 79 for a simple polo shirt, just think what this model could do for you! Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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