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Linking mainstream goods to a good cause: Mecca Cola takes on US giants.

Linking mainstream goods to a good cause

Mecca-Cola is not the first cola aimed directly at Muslim cola enthusiasts, but it is certainly making the biggest waves right now. Already selling millions of bottles of the stuff after launching only a few months ago, French Mecca-Cola has clearly found more than a niche in catering to a thirsty and concerned audience of more than 1 billion Muslims worldwide. Big selling point to its customers is that 10% of profits fund Palestinian relief. And they’re not the only ones: Iranian ZamZam colas and British start-up Qibla Cola Company are after the same market. The idea of linking mainstream, even generic goods to a concise goal (which in the case of Mecca-Cola is considered somewhat controversial because of its perceived anti-Americanism), could certainly benefit a plethora of less controversial organizations, from Greenpeace to Oxfam. How often do you get to generate awareness AND cold hard cash?


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