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Consumer insight via selfie video app


Vidlet’s app enables market researchers to see selfie videos from consumers, so they can analyze product reception.

We’ve seen how businesses are using user-generated images across social media to better understand the performance of their products, and now Vidlet have created a selfie video app to help market researchers analyze customer feedback.

Vidlet’s cloud-based app works like an interactive telemarketing survey — it displays sequential questions that customers answer with video capture in a limited timeframe. Marketing managers can rapidly generate a library of responses from users around the world, which can be organized and passed on throughout the company to highlight trends, as well as guide product design and marketing. Vidlet is available for businesses on a subscription basis.

By encouraging customers to respond in ways that reflect popular social media behavior, Vidlet hopes to facilitate more genuine customer feedback. How else can social media behavior be used for consumer research?



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