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New smartphone app to service conferences and events

Advertising & Marketing

We’ve seen numerous smartphone apps designed to help individuals and companies organize and run their business more effectively, but this time it’s the events and conferencing industry getting a helping hand. ShowGizmo is an app that boasts benefits for organizers, exhibitors and delegates alike. Launched in June by New Zealand company SmartShow Limited, ShowGizmo is a hosted website which allows show organizers to upload event information and then invite exhibitors and attendees to download the app — available on iPhone, Blackberry or Android — and create their profile. It aims to build a community and a sense of connectedness around the event by allowing delegates and exhibitors to exchange contact information easily, and receive news and alerts before and throughout the event. Delegates have access to a digital agenda and can therefore plan their time before the event, and exhibitor information can be downloaded from QR codes which eliminates the need for heavy, non-environmentally friendly brochures. Exhibitors can receive activity reports to see how their booth performed, capture lead data and see what visitors are saying about the show. Prices start from NZD 1,000, with packages available for smaller events with less than 250 visitors. SmartShow predicts that event apps will soon have interactive floor plan,s with heat maps displaying most popular exhibitors. One to try out at your own upcoming event?



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