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Nightly email for busy workers sums up each day

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With so many demands for our attention, both online and off, many of us lack the time to stay fully on top of the news and events happening each day. That’s where SignOff comes in, with an end-of-day email that summarizes everything that has taken place over the previous 24 hours. Billing itself as “the last email of the day,” New York-based SignOff offers subscribers to its free service a summary entitled, “what you missed today” that’s filled with highlights from the day’s most interesting international, national and local news about politics, business, technology, money and entertainment. The ad-supported newsletter is currently available in New York City, Chicago and LA, with more cities due to be added this year. Also featured in the daily publication is a look at “what you can’t miss tomorrow,” with a mix of news, events, openings, concerts and deals. Another section targets readers “who can’t sleep” with recommendations for books, movies, bars and clubs, while a weekly profile section highlights key local people. Given the challenges faced by the publishing industry today, repackaging a news service as an end-of-day update for the busiest readers adds a clever twist that may just set SignOff apart. The local spin adds yet more appeal. One to emulate in other parts of the world? (Related: Personalized iPad magazine gets smarter as you use it.) Spotted by: Sixtine Leon-Dufour



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