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Silent, healthy snacks remove the aggro for theatregoers

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TodayTix, a last minute theatre ticket app, is offering Silent Snacks, such as dehydrated fruit slices, for a select performances that don’t produce any audible aggravation for others.

While we’ve spotted many cinema trends shifting towards VR or 3D experiences, there’s one issue that will remain regardless of technology progress — the ambience-upsetting sounds of chewing and rustling as viewers snack during performances. One theatre ticket company is looking to change that.

Silent Snacks are being offered at select performances where users ordering through TodayTix, a last minute theatre ticket app. Users can choose from a range of low-decibel emitting edibles, from ‘muffled truffles’, ‘quiet (pop)corn’, dehydrated fruit slices instead of chips, and even a lime and mint drink designed to prevent the onset of unceremonious belching. Silent Snacks are currently only available for a handful of shows in London for GBP 2 each, with the TodayTix app available for free download for iPhone or Android.

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