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Simple vision test at home via smartphone

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EyeQue enables users to test their own eyesight, using a ‘miniscope’ that attaches to smartphones for use with an app that tracks vision quality.

After featuring a 3D-printed aligner that enables users to undergo teeth-straightening without a visit to the dentist, we bring news that self-diagnostics are now available for eyesight, too.

EyeQue have developed a ‘miniscope’ that attaches to users’ smartphone screens. Using this in conjunction with the EyeQue app, developed with MIT researchers, users look down the optical scope to undergo simple diagnostic tests, using in-app buttons to make adjustments on screen according to their visual perception. Results are saved and uploaded into the EyeQue cloud, which generates eyeglass numbers that can be tracked over time, and can be produced for opticians when users purchase a pair of spectacles. The EyeQue miniscope is available for USD 29.99 with the free app, MyEyeQue, available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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