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In Australia, household retailer's packaging can be turned into furniture


Australian household retailer DIY Living allows buyers to turn cardboard packaging into brand-new furniture items.

We’ve already seen Dutch stroller manufacturer Joolz print instructions on the packaging of its products to encourage customers to turn the used boxes into something new and useful. Now, borrowing a page from Joolz’s book, Australian furniture retailer DIY Living does something similar with its own boxes, allowing buyers to turn the cardboard packaging into brand-new items. A marketing initiative in Singapore that came about through a partnership with ad agency Publicis, DIY Living lets the packaging used on its furniture products live beyond the unpackaging process. Specifically, printed instructions are included to guide buyers who have unpacked their furniture through the folding necessary to turn the packaging into functional items such as coffee tables, foot stools or lamp shades. The packaging that comes with a mini wardrobe from DIY Living, for example, can be turned into a free, folded cardboard coffee table. The video below explains the premise in more detail: During tough economic times, doing “more with less” is a key way for consumers to stretch their shopping dollars; how better to help them do that than by giving them more than what they paid for, and with an eco-friendly twist? Retailers around the globe: how about you? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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