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In Singapore, ethical investment firm complies with Shari'ah law

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Club Ethis is the world's first Shari'ah compliant investment platform — opening up the small investments trade to the Muslim market.

We have often seen businesses adapt their products and services to cater to different faiths in the community. PandaBed modifies the Airbnb model to enable customers to rent from homeowners with matching cultural or religious beliefs and OnePure produces halal cosmetics for Muslim women.

Now, Club Ethis is the world’s first shari’ah compliant investment platform — opening up the small investments trade to a huge potential Muslim market, by ensuring all opportunities are within Muslim law. The platform functions like any venture capital platform but focuses on ethical and community based investments with a low entry point — enabling those with as little as USD 800 to get involved and join investor groups. Club Ethis source and screen potential opportunities in real estate, small business and start-ups in south east Asia and create comprehensive reports and scorecards for members. Because it doesn’t work with businesses who deal in alcohol, pork, gambling, speculation or loan and interest-based finance, the company hope to appeal to a large population who have been previously excluded from such opportunities.

Based in Singapore, the company are hoping to tap into south east Asia’s emerging middle class and exploit the fast growing Indonesian market. All businesses are checked by lawyers and shari’ah advisors and Club Ethis offer expertise and advice to maximize each project’s potential before matching investors.

Are there other businesses which could adapt to engage the muslim community?



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