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In Singapore, physiotherapy robot assists physicians

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A new robotic assistant provides bespoke sports massage and acupoint therapy, while measuring patient progress over time.

Smart healthcare projects are trying to make the most of the human touch, automating many of the routine tasks that are the most time consuming. In care homes, a robotic concierge checks on residents’ safety, and in hospitals, courier robots provide secure delivery. In Singapore, assistive medical tech startup AiTreat’s Emma robot provides bespoke physiotherapy treatments.

Using a 3D stereoscopic camera to see and a robotic arm with fully customizable massage tip, Emma (Expert Manipulative Massage Automation) performs highly specialized manipulation treatments. Physicians and therapists provide custom care plans for each patient and oversee the robot’s work. In-built safety features allow patients to provide feedback or stop treatment.

With an aging population, increasing demand for traditional Chinese medicine and a labor shortage, the AiTreat team hopes Emma will help ease the burden of care. The next version of the robot will be more compact and mobile, and the team is looking into better simulating the feel of human hands. Are there ways that personal trainers could make use of similar AI customized sessions?




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