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University students | Photo source Shutterstock

Singapore university students create their own course of study


Traditional universities are finding creative ways to compete against online challengers

Spotted: A pilot programme at the National University of Singapore will allow students to create their own course modules for part of their curriculum. Students can pursue subjects of interest, which aren’t offered by the university. They can suggest how this coursework should be taught, by whom, and when and where they will take place. Students must organise themselves into groups of 10 or more, and get approval from faculty.

The modules don’t count towards students’ grade point averages. But they will allow students to study subjects that genuinely match their goals and interests, according to the university. Students can invite a specialist from a particular sector to teach them, or can create modules from online courses available through edX, a not-for-profit open online course provider.

The goal of the programme is to engage students and encourage them to develop their own “learning journeys”, the university said. Some students have already expressed interest in learning so-called soft skills, like teamwork. The programme will start in August 2019.



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