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Single item insurance via a smartphone app

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Trov is an insurance platform for millennials that enables them to register items one-by-one, and make claims by chatting to a bot.

For those who have never done it, organizing insurance — like most financial tasks — can be so intimidating that they simply put it off indefinitely. Now, Trov is an insurance platform, which aims to simplify the process for millennials by enabling them to register items one-by-one, and make claims when incidents happen all through their smartphone.

To begin, users download the app, create a profile and input their payment details. Then, they search for their most treasured items on Trove and select the correct make and model. Products can include devices, sports equipment, cameras and more. Trov will then provide an insurance quote for that product and customers can opt in with a simple swipe. Their items will then be covered against accidental damage, loss and theft. Finally, if and when they need to make a claim, they can do so via an in-app messaging service, which is handled by a bot, making the process as quick and painless as possible. The actual insurance is fulfilled by different insurance carriers in different regions.


Trov is set to launch soon in Australia in partnership with Suncorp Group, and in the UK with Axa, with other regions to follow. Could other financial services be adapted similarly for millennials?



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