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Single-use cooking pot is made of lightweight biodegradable paper

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Designed for single use, the HEXA POT can withstand the heat of a cooker, as well as being foldable and environmentally-friendly.

Hot on the heels of the Kuru-Kuru Nabe, a self-stirring saucepan which cooks its contents more efficiently, we’ve spotted another innovation that makes it easier to heat up food when outdoors. The HEXA POT is made out of lightweight biodegradable paper material that can withstand the heat of a cooker. Campers and walkers hoping to cook on their trip outdoors usually have to carry metal pots and pans for use on their portable stove, which can be heavy and take up space in their backpacks. Energia USA, which has developed the HEXA POT, uses a lightweight paper material which comes flatpacked and is assembled when needed into a hexagon-shaped pot. The product is available in two sizes – small, which is 7.70in x 6.70in x 2.55in, and large, which is 9.85in x 8.70in x 2.80in. Using a medium flame, the pot can be used to boil water for drinks or to disinfect it and also works for foods which require water for cooking, such as pasta or rice. Once used, the pot can be thrown away, saving hikers from having to spend time washing up. Containing no metal or plastic elements, the material is recyclable, compostable and 100 percent biodegradable, degrading within 24 to 36 months. The pots can be ordered at a cost of USD 2.99 for the small option and USD 3.99 for the large. The video below shows the HEXA POT in action: The HEXA POT is eco-friendly and lifts a burden on travelers hoping to keep the weight of their packs down. With paper being such a flexible medium, are there any other instances in which this flame-proof material could be of use?
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