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Single-serve wine flaunts its portability (and eco credentials)

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Although single-serve wine has been on our radar for a while (including this brand for women), our ears pricked up when we heard about Volute. Available from selected stores or via its website, Volute’s wine is available in three varieties: Red, White and Rosé, all made from grapes from the Bordeaux region. The key thing, however, is the packaging: 187 ml aluminium bottles. The California-based company highlights the bottles’ portability, pitching Volute as the wine that can be drunk anywhere, including no-glass zones like concerts, camping grounds and beaches. And given the bottle’s distinctive look, drinking from a Volute bottle might be more socially acceptable than drinking wine from a glass bottle, a can or–perish the thought–a juice box. Aluminium bottles are also claimed to be eco-friendlier than traditional glass bottles. Aluminium can be recycled almost infinitely and the bottles require less fuel to transport than their heavier glass counterparts. To combat worries that aluminium might destroy a premium wine, the company points out that the packaging not only has the same qualities as glass but improves on it with it UV-blocking properties. Volute’s recognition of consumers’ desire for convenient and eco-friendlier products seems spot-on. One to partner with in other regions? (Related: Wine by the trial-sized tube.) Spotted by: Diana Kaspersky



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