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Site challenges tourists to complete unique experiences abroad

Travel & Tourism

Rambler enables users to upload challenges designed to take travelers on a 'scavenger hunt' to find the best things to do at their destination, rewarding successful hunters.

Springwise recently reported on Austria-based Nectar & Pulse, which creates personalized city guides based on suggestions from locals with similar personalities and preferences. Now putting a gamification slant on travel advice, Rambler aims to take travelers on a ‘scavenger hunt’ to find the best things to do at their destination, rewarding successful hunters with points. The idea for Rambler came about when founder John Roa met a fellow traveler on an uninspiring trip to Iceland who was completing a to-do list set by a friend — including tasks such as “Find a street sign with more than 25 letters” and “Find puffin being served on a menu”. Inspired by the experience he created Rambler, where visitors to the site can view the existing challenges posted by other users and gain points for completing them. Those with the most points can get their name onto the Rambler Leaderboard, introducing a competitive element to traveling. Users can also suggest challenges based on things they have done abroad, setting the amount of points received for carrying them out. Adventurers looking for a fun way to experience a country without sticking to the beaten path could be inspired by Rambler. Those involved in travel and tourism industries, one to partner with?



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