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Site enables crowdfunding for sports projects, even if they don't make their funding goals

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Sportfunder is hoping to be the leading platform for individuals and clubs to raise money for their physical activities.

Now that the Olympic Games 2012 seems to have successfully completed its mission to “inspire a generation” to get into sport, and the Paralympics is currently following suit, it is timely that New Zealand website Sportfunder is now aiming to fill the gap for crowdfunding sports projects. Those looking to plan an event, regular activity or other sports-related venture can upload details of their project onto the site, set a funding target and a timeframe between 10 and 90 days. Backers can then pledge to support them, paying through PayPal once the funding goal is reached. For this they will receive a gift decided by the project creators. Users can also donate instantly if they want to offer support regardless of whether the project is successful in hitting its target or not. Sportfunder takes five percent of the total raised to maintain the site. The Kickstarter model has already proved an inspiration for sites helping to fund community projects, such as Brickstarter and Are there other areas that could be monetized through crowdfunding in this way? Spotted by: Sarina Carson



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