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Site helps neighbors share rarely used goods

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Share Some Sugar enables consumers to lend and borrow rarely used items with their neighbors while earning some extra cash.

We’ve seen an increasing number of sharing platforms appear over the years, as consumers seek to lend and borrow rarely used items while earning and saving some extra cash. NeighborGoods and StuffPal are two efforts we’ve seen designed to facilitate such exchanges, and recently we came across another: Share Some Sugar. Now in beta, Ohio-based Share Some Sugar aims to enable neighbors to “share what you have and borrow what you need”. Toward that end, owners and borrowers both begin by signing up with the site and creating a profile, including the neighborhood in which they live. Owners also indicate what kinds of items they have to share and the rates they’d like to be paid by those who borrow them. Those in search of a particular object can then search the site by ZIP code and item. When they find an offer that sounds good, they can send a request through the site; if accepted, owner and borrower can meet to exchange the item. Once the transaction is complete, both sides can leave feedback for the other. The video below explains Share Some Sugar in more detail:
With benefits for ownership-averse transumers, communities and the environment, the sharing trend appears to be going strong. What’s more, neighborhood orientated platforms also enable users to save money on delivery costs by exchanging goods in person. An idea to emulate in your area? Spotted by: Alice Revel



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