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Site hosts marketing ideas for others to steal

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Ideas To Steal.Today is a platform that encourages users to post the concepts they couldn't make work so others can use them.

While a concept that looks good on paper might not work for one person, it could still provide inspiration for the masses of entrepreneurs and marketers that are always looking for the next big idea. We’ve already seen Ahhha provide crowdsourced advice for those looking to get their idea off the ground without others stealing it, but now a new platform called Ideas To Steal.Today is encouraging just that, with users posting the ideas they couldn’t make work themselves.

The simple site enables members to log in via Facebook and then upload images or videos that demonstrate their concept, along with a short description. Once approved by moderators, others can then view the idea while browsing the site, which is separated into categories such as mobile, print, radio and social media. Members can like and comment on ideas, even letting the creator know if they’ve stolen it for their own project.

Ideas To Steal.Today ensured that the discarded ideas from brainstorming sessions or failed marketing drafts don’t go to waste by enabling others to be inspired by them. Are there other ways that marketers could take advantage of open-source ideation to create a freer flow of ideas?


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